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RGN Track Supplies

Owner Dick Norman

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RGN was established in 1972 as a company to supply equipment that would better facilitate the work of track and field coaches. In the years that followed, the owner designed, produced and made more equipment available on the market, most significantly the Super Cart, STEELEX® Track Spikes, a Hammer Throw Conversion Ring for the Atlanta Summer Olympics, and now the LASAM® (Track and Field Measuring Apparatus and Method, US Patent # 6,714,285 B 2, March 30, 2004).

All of these products, plus more, have been well accepted and widely used by coaches, athletes and officials in track and field domestically and internationally. Our website offers descriptions, specifications and sales information for all the products available worldwide.

Dick Norman is the RGN owner, an inventor and a retired Minnesota High School Hall of Fame Track Coach. He is pictured here with the LASAM®, an owner friendly and user friendly laser measuring device that greatly enhances measuring of the "long throws" in track and field competitions.

Dick Norman, a retired teacher who coached track and field for 36 years, remains actively involved in the sport. As a USATF official he is usually in the "throws" area and works at competitions ranging from high school level to university level.

He has attended several Olympic Games, and a Games highlight for him was attending the 2004 shot put event in Olympia, Greece.